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Haines Sanitation, Alaska

Haines Now Has Curbside Single Stream Recycling

By partnering with the largest recycler in North America, Community Waste Solutions is now able to offer more recycling to Haines than ever before. With our curbside program, you simply set all of your recyclables in a can on your curb each recycle day and you're done. No more sorting. No more hauling. Whats more- we take it all. If it has a recycle symbol on it, it goes. No more throwing away plastics #3, #4, #6 or #7- recycle them!. Glass? Check. Junkmail? Check. Even the unopened junkmail with the plastic window? Recycle it. The best part? Everything goes in one can and youre done.

Recycling has never been easier. CWS Recycling and Waste Separation Brochure.


Heres how it works:

  1. Unsorted household waste and C&D is gladly accepted.
  2. For the lowest rates possible, our customers can choose to separate out their recyclables, compostables and inerts for a discounted rate. For full details, check out our brochure. It works like this:
    • All recyclables go into one container
    • All compostables go into seperate paper bags or reusable containers.
    • Everything else in regular plastic bags 


  • Q: What happens to the materials once you receive them?
    • A: It depends. When waste streams are separated, we can maximize the reclamation of materials from the wste streams.
      • Compostables: CWS is home to the largest in-vessel composter in Alaska. We use this composter to break down and process all of the organic materials we receive from our customers. CWS produces compost that is considered Exceptional Quality by EPA standards. 
      • Recyclables: All plastics #1-#7, glass bottles, tin cans, aluminum cans and cleaned aluminum food containers and all food-free paper products brought to CWS are compressed then shipped south to Seattle where the materials are separated from one another, recovered and reused in the production of new goods. Some of the cardboard we receive is also used in our composting operation as a carbon ingredient.
      • Construction and Demolition (C&D): CWS owns a C&D landfill. This means that only non-hazardous, non-electric, non-asbestos containing C&D waste is deposited into the landfill. With the lowest potential to pollute compared to any other waste category, this ensures that the landfill is kept as clean as possible for its life span. Each spring and fall, CWS buries all of the C&D waste that has stockpiled since the last burial.
      • Unsorted Household Waste: All waste CWS receives in this category is deposited into a container and shipped out of Haines.
  • Q: Why don't I have to separate my recyclables out anymore?
    • A: We are partners with a Seattle MRF, (Murf. Like "smurf") short for "Materials Reclamation Facility". These facilities were designed to automate the recyclable materials separation process. The advantage of this is that now, people do not have to worry about separating their recyclables. We will take care of it for you! All your recyclables in one container. Done.
  • Q: Do you offer recyclable self-haul?
    • A: Of course we do! Click on the "Services" tab at the top of the page for all information on recycling and trash services we offer.


Recycling Packer 

CWS recyling container 


We provide complete, comprehensive refuse services for the community of Haines. From curbside pickup to self-haul, composting to recycling, C&D disposal to septic and port-a-potty services, we can provide it all. Community Waste Solutions wants to be your one-stop-shop for convenient, competitive and comprehensive waste management solutions.


Community Waste Solutions is committed to our customers, community and the environment. Our mission is to create local jobs, provide stable rates, support community waste education through value-adding collaboration and to provide sustainable waste practices for generations to come. CWS strives to achieve these goals each and every day our doors are open to you.

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