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We're #1 in the #2 business!

Port-a-pottys and septic pump-outs are a common need in our community. Once CWS pumps out septage, it is taken to the Haines Borough Wastewater Treatment Plant where it is processed into sewage sludge. Our pump-out and port-a-potty rates are:

Pump-Out Rates:

Septic Pump-out (3-hour minimum)- $401.63

Per-gallon disposal of septage (borough charge)- $0.27

Port-a-Potty Rental:

3 day Rental- $26.78

Weekly Rental- $53.55

Monthly Rental- $128.52

Port-a-Potty Service:

Set-up and removal- $481.95

Single Servicing- $160.65


Port-a-Pottys are commonly used to provide restroom for events and gathering in areas that are otherwise lacking plumbing or facilities. Before getting a port-a-potty, you should know how long you will want to rent the unit for. Rental charges are for the unit only and do not include delivery, setup, drop-off, Initial supplies (toilet paper, chemicals, air freshener) one pump prior to removal of the unit, pickup, disposal and cleaning. All of these costs are reflected in the port-a-potty set-up and removal costs. Should you need a unit pumped out more than once, a single servicing charge will be applied which includes a pump-out of the unit, disposal of the septage, cleaning, supplies and chemicals.




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