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Curbside Pickup
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Click here for the 2013 recycle/trash pickup schedule

Curbside Pickup

For over 40 years, CWS has provided trash service to the Haines community. A lot has changed since we first opened our doors including our services and offerings. By implementing Single Stream Recycling- the easiest way to recycle more materials than ever- along with our composting program, CWS has brought Haines' waste management into the 21st century. Whether for your business or home, CWS offers comprehensive solutions to your waste management needs. Check out our flier insert in CVN.

Residential/Can Service:

  • Comprehensive Service ($67.79/month)

    • 6 cans/month- 4 recycling, 2 trash
      • 2 cans recycling (week 1 and week 3)
      • 1 can trash (week 2 and week 4)
  • Recycling Service ($45.20/month)
    • 4 cans of recycling/month
      • 2 cans recycling (week 1 and week 3)
  • Trash Service
    • 2 cans of trash/month ($50.85/month)
      • 1 can trash (week 2 and week 4)
    • 4 cans of trash/month ($71.79/month)
      • 2 cans trash (week 2 and week 4)

Commercial/Dumpster Service:

CWS is here to provide you and your busness with solutions. We offer discounted recycling and with our single stream recycling system, it is now easier than ever to get your business to go green. We provide full support, offering color-coded bags for in-store cans, store signage and consultations at no extra charge!  All of our clients also receive CWS Perks.  As a small business owner, you have enough on your plate. Let us take care of your trash. You may call anytime and schedule a free  exploratory consultation.

  • Recycling Dumpsters (No rental fee)

    • 1 Yard  - $67.91

      • 1 yard= 201gal.= 5.5 trash cans

    • 2 Yard  - $135.82

      • 2 yards= 402gal.= 11 trash cans

  • Trash Dumpsters (+Rental fee)

    • 1 Yard (201gal.) - $82.91

    • 2 Yard (402gal.) - $165.81

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