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Self Haul

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Self Haul

CWS offers full service integrated waste management Monday-Saturday 9am-3pm. We provide fast, friendly, convenient service to everyone. Self-Haul includes mixed waste disposal, single stream recycling, electronics recycling, composting and many other services to meet all of your waste management needs.

 Self-Haul Rates:

Waste CategoryStandard Rate 
Single Stream Recycling $0.23/lb.  
Compostables $0.16/lb.  
Separated Trash (compostables and recycling removed) $0.25/lb.  
Mixed Waste $0.27/lb.  
Construction & Demolition / Yard Debris $0.25/lb.  
Electronic Recycling $0.75/lb.  
White Goods $0.21/lb.  
Refrigerators (with freon removed) $0.21/lb.  
Tires $5.00 each  











 We take separated glass for FREE

We BUY separated, clean aluminum for $0.15/lb. 

Questions on how to sort? CLick here for Separation Information (PDF) 

The Penny-Pinchers Self-Haul Strategy:

We're all operating on a budget. CWS is here to help you manage that budget the best you possibly can. As a self-haul customer, you have many ways to save money in Haines, and CWS wants to be your one and only waste drop off. Dont waste time and money driving all over Haines, getting rid of one stream here and another there. We got you covered. Heres the best way to maximize your money:

  • CWS takes all separated, clean glass for free. Glass is the second heaviest component of the waste stream and when you pay by the pound, it adds up.
  • CWS buys separated, cleaned aluminum beverage containers. You can either take the money and run or credit the difference to your waste bill.
  • Separate out your compost- food waste, containing a lot of nitrogen and water is THE heaviest component of the waste stream.
  • Recycle! It costs less money to recycle than it does to throw away. Put ALL of those plastics in and dont forget about cardboard, paper, tin and anything else with a recycle symbol on it!

This is the easiest and cheapest way to save money on refuse services in Haines. Any questions? Feel free to call anytime, we'd love to help!


 Unacceptable Wastes

CWS uses discretion in receiving any and all materials that come to our facility. CWS reserves the right to refuse waste services to anyone based on its contents. Wastes that are never accepted at CWS include, but are not limited to:

  1. Liquid wastes that do not pass the "paint filter test"
  2. Burning or hot wastes
  3. Regulated hazardous wastes as defined by 40 CFR Part 261
  4. Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB's) or other wastes regulated under the Toxic Substances Control Act
  5. Pesticides, herbicides and fungicides
  6. Untreated infectious or medical waste
  7. Liquid petroleum products, waste oil, oil sorbents, oil filters
  8. Antifreeze
  9. Radioactive material
  10. Explosives
  11. White goods containing CFC's or other hazardous materials
  12. Scrap vehicles containing CFC's or other hazardous materials
  13. Asbestos containing materials- regardless of whether they are "regulated" or "non-regulated", CWS accepts NO asbestos containing materials
  14. Any other waste that is deemed to have a reasonable likelihood of damaging the facility or any CWS processing equipment, material which is likely to pose a health or safety threat to employees, residents or the environment, or any material that may cause the violation of any applicable law.
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