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CWS provides Haines and Skagway with waste management options that minimize negative environmental impacts. Our services include single stream recycling, separated recycling, mixed-waste disposal, organics composting, construction and demolition disposal and septic pump-out service.

Here's what we are doing to keep local control over waste management:


In 2002, CWS installed and set up a massive in-vessel composting system to process mixed waste straight from the garbage truck. The system CWS installed was designed to meet the needs of the entire Haines borough, and is the largest in-vessel composting system in Alaska.

In the Spring of 2012, CWS modified the composting system to process single-stream, organic wastes into a value-added compost. The new feedstocks are composed mainly of food wastes, processed biosolids, cardboard and other waste papers and wood chips. In Spring/Summer 2013, CWS hopes to make available our first batch of "Exceptional Quality" compost (as defined by EPA rule 503) for use by local residents in their gardens, lawns and crops. 



About 80% of what the average American household throws away is recyclable! CWS believes that no modern, sustainable waste and refuse system can overlook recycling as a key component. The Single Stream Recycling ("SSR") program that CWS established in the fall of 2012 not only allows for more materials to be recycled than ever before, it also makes recycling the easiest its ever been! No more sorting. All of your recyclables in one single bag:

  • Untreated glass- blue, green, brown and clear (no auto glass)
  • Plastics #1-#7
  • Clean, mixed paper
  • Falttened cardboard
  • Tin and aluminum cans

For a detailed list on acceptable materials for our recycling program, please review our brochure. We guarantee your recycling efforts- whether at home or in your business- will be easier than EVER! Click here to see CWS Separation Information Brochure


Minimal Landfill Impacts:

CWS owns the only landfill in Haines. The only materials deposited into the CWS landfill are Construction and Demolition ("C&D") debris and hand-screened inert materials. All other materials received by CWS are recycled, composted or if necessary, shipped south to Seattle to be landfilled at Columbia Ridge Landfill in Eastern Washington. 

No putresccible food waste, mixed waste or hazardous waste is place din the CWS landfill. No animal attractant waste is allowed to be placed in the landfill or in the area surrounding the landfill.

Haines' landfill is regulated by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) as a Cass III MSW Landfill. In 2012 and 2013, CWS uses Chilkat Environmental to maintain monitoring reports for our landfill compliance monitoring. The most thorough evaluation of aquatic runoff from the landfill since its opening momore than 35 years ago was given in Fall of 2012 by Chilkat Environmental. The tests included: VOC's, PCB's, hydrocarbons (gasoline, diesel and kerosene ranges) and toxic metals.

No violations of State of Alaska water quality standards were observed. Water leaving CWS property is fully compliant with state of Alaska water quality discharge regulations.


Minimizing Waste Exportation

Mixed wastes are those that contain food residue. Those materials are shipped South to Washington where they eventually end up in a large mega-landfill. CWS works hard to minimize the amount of material that falls into this category by recovering recyclables and composting organics that would otherwise be included in mixed waste streams.

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